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The purpose of this course is to introduce you to Business, Entrepreneurial, Marketing, and Financial concepts. You will learn key concepts in marketing, financial, entrepreneurial, and business planning to help you successfully become a part of the business world and to create your own business. All course materials and assignments will be located on this website.

Here are the Course Guidelines and Procedures for Business, Marketing, and Finance

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4th Six Weeks – Tasks and Assignments

Monday, February  29,2016 Assignment**About Me Google Form – Due Wednesday, March 2, 2016, should be submitted by 4:30PM Central Time

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Warm up – Journal Entry – Write about “What does Entrepreneurship mean to you?”

Listen to Mark Cuban’s Secrets to Success Podcast. Write down 3 things you can take away from what he talked about. iTunes Link

Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 – Business Essay – 3/4 to 1 1/2 page on notebook paper – Write about a time you had a good or bad experience at or with a business.

Friday,  March 4th, 2016 – Complete podcast; Shark Tank – Answer Socrative Questions.
Socrative Room – EversMHS

Monday, March 21, 2016 Watch The First 20 Hours – Answer Socrative Questions

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – Eco Rise Part 1

Watch these 2 videos and answer the questions in Socrative.

Yunus – Grameen Bank

Mikaela Ulmer – BeeSweet Honey

Apri 4th, 2016

Business Proposal Project

Each group of 1-3 students will create a business proposal (10-12 pages) for an idea they have. The groups will present their proposal at the end of the semester to the class and possibly a panel of guest judges.

Step 1 – Identify the problem to solve. What problem have you experienced or seen that you want to solve? Generate some ideas for solving the problem.

Step 1 Due April 5, 2016 – Email me your problem you want to solve and the members in your group. email:

Step 2 – Create your mission statement.

A good mission statement should explain why you are in business. It includes the purpose, problem, and solution overview. It should be brief, 1-3 sentences in length.

Guide for business plans

Fortune 500 Mission Statements
Some are good examples, others are too lengthy.

Questions for guest speaker link

Step 3 – Determine your business form – Sole Proprietor, partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Non-profit. How is your company owned? How will you raise money for start-up costs?

Notes for Business Ownership Forms

Elon Musk – Work Ethic, Principles, Attitudes, Failure- Pearls of Advice Video

Step 2 & 3 – Due January 22, 2016

Step 4 – Develop Marketing Plan

Step 4a – People – Your Ideal Customer

Create your Ideal Customer Profile. Should drill down into who you are serving with your product or business. Who are they? Gender, age, income level, ethnicity, # children or if they are children who are their parents? Are they married? Hobbies, where they hang out, etc.

Find a photo to represent these people.

Extra help creating your ideal customer profile

Step 4b – Product – Product Description

Create your product description to include Why would your ideal client want to buy your product? Why is your product better than the competition? What makes it unique? How do you create value? What experience will your have? What moment are you going for?

Step 4C – Place – Where will you do business?

Give detailed information on 3 different locations for your business. You will need to research the cost to rent, the amount of foot and vehicle traffic per day, and the visibility front the road. Take or find photos online of the location. You will also describe the look and atmosphere you hope to create in the location. This should match the experience you are wanting your ideal customer to have when they do business with you.

Step 4D – Price – How much will you charge?

What does it cost to make? How much time is involved? How much will people pay for the product or service? What are others charging? How much value are your customers receiving for with your product and service? How much pain are you solving?

Write a detail pricing plan for your product or service.

Tribal vs Targeted Marketing – Roy H Williams (Audio) – Wizard of Ads

Marketing Plan Sections 4A – 4D are a Separate Project grade Tuesday, February 2nd. Email to or share with

Step 4E – Logo, Packaging, and App Icon Design (Own project grade see instructions)

Visual Marketing Project Instructions  – Due on Wednesday, May 11th, **This is a separate grade from parts 4A-4D and is its own Project Grade!**

Helpful websites:

Drawing Site (

Step 5 – Financial Projections

Step 5a – Projected Income Statement for 1 Month


 – (Minus) Cost of Goods (Includes Materials, Supplies, Employees)
= Gross Margin
– (Minus) Advertising, office expenses
= Net Income
– (Minus) 35% Taxes
= Net Income after taxes

Step 5b – Identify Fixed and Variable Costs using a side by side table.
Fixed cost are expenses the business pays no matter what. (Rent, Salaried Employees, Internet, Buildings)
Variable Costs are expenses that change with the changes in the business (Materials to make the product, water/Utility bills,  Hourly Employees)

All groups should be prepared to present their business proposal presentations beginning on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. You should have a slide or two for each step of the business proposal. Slide should offer brief, bulleted information that ties into your written proposal.

Each group will present their proposals to class and the class will provide feedback on the proposal. The Presentation and slides as well as peer review compose your final exam grade.










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