Welcome to the Finance on the Rock Community Group page for Church on the Rock. The purpose of this page is to provide you with resources for the community group including Video Links, Documents, Personal Finance Resources, and other goodies to help you out on your journey.

Using the foundation of “The Blessed Life” Series by Robert Morris, this course adds personal finance topics, concepts, and workshops to help anyone grow both Spiritually and Financially.

The Learning Goals for the Course:

  • Focus on changing beliefs, attitudes, habits, and our behavior system by changing our hearts through The Blessed Life Series
  • Learn about our own tendencies with money and how we can use them to our advantage
  • Develop plans and pre-commitment strategies to help us succeed
  • Advance our understanding of personal finance based on time-tested, Biblical principles of financial management

Class Overview/Calendar

Week 1 – Personal Finance Basics –

This week we discussed the basics of how money works and we watched “It’s All About the Heart” by Robert Morris. 

Week 2 – Behavioral Finance – Taming the Elephant Inside Us

30 Day Proactivity Challange

Week 5 – Risk and Money Personality

Risk Assessment Link